Battery Petkus K850

  • Anzeige


    I planed in the 3D program model silos Petkus. This one is in 1:87 scale.

    This Project I want to print in a 3D printer. I have one question. Who would like to buy this model? :)

    I worked on this project very long time and it's very detailed :P


  • Hello Patrick,

    Your grain silo system is an impressively interesting project.

    Can you say how big the area is for the system? As the original dimension, I would say about 30x100m. In 1:87 this is still 0.35x1.15m! Not everyone has such a large area available for a diorama. What process would the attachment be printed with? SLA / DLP with resin or FDM with PLA or ABS? How much would such a system cost in 1:87.



  • Anzeige

  • Anzeige

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